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By signing below, I hereby acknowledge I have read and understand the following release. I hereby authorize South Eugene Soccer Club Inc., which sponsors this camp, and the camp directors, student counselors, and parent volunteers, to direct and supervise my child in participating in camp activities. I certify that my child has no physical or mental problems that may affect his or her ability to safely participate in camp. I clearly understand and accept that soccer is a contact sport, that there are inherent dangers and other risks involved in playing soccer, and that injuries may occur; knowing these risks and possibilities, I authorize camp directors, staff, and volunteers to attend to and address any health problems or injury my child may experience while attending camp. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless and indemnify South Eugene Soccer Club, Inc., and its directors; camp directors, counselors, and volunteers; the Eugene Civic Alliance; and the Eugene 4-J School District from and against any and all liability that may arise out my child’s participation in camp, whether due to alleged negligence or otherwise. I accept full responsibility for any and all medical expenses or damages that may result from my child’s participation in camp, regardless of whether I have insurance to covers such. I have carefully read, understand, and accept the terms of this release.

camp authorization and release statement: Text
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