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Axe Soccer Suicide Awareness: Image

This South Eugene Soccer Club-supported project began in 2021 at the request of players.

During the week of September 17, players will provide video and poster messaging  regarding suicide awareness and prevention to their school school community. 

Each team will promote this cause at 

special suicide awareness home soccer games. 

Watch for special suicide awareness spiritwear and social media campaign


•provide safe, positive messaging about suicide awareness & prevention to South Eugene Highschool and the greater community

•promote student confidence that help is available when concerns arise regarding suicide

•lessen the reluctance to speak up when students are concerned about suicide.

Our Axe girls varsity soccer 2022 team captain Lyla Lauderbach died from suicide. Axe soccer players with the support of their coaches, school administrators, parents and Lyla's family have made this project possible.

Many thanks to South Eugene HS principal Carey Killen and 4J suicide prevention specialist Angi Meyer for their essential guidance.

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